TYPE OF INGREDIENT: Anti-inflammatory.

MAIN BENEFITS: Reduces wrinkles, brightens skin, gets rid of inflammation.

WHO SHOULD USE IT: In general, people with concerns about wrinkles or ageing.

HOW OFTEN IS TYPICAL USE?: Usually, it's used once a day, in the mornings.

WORKS WELL WITH: Vitamin C and ginseng for an ultra-brightening effect.


Benefits of Caffeine for Skin

  • Decreases Puffiness: Caffeine is a great topical ingredient to improve puffiness and improve circulation in the skin, so consider it a vital ingredient for under-eye puffiness. It’s important to know that the results are not long-lasting, so use it the topical products that contain this ingredient daily for best results.

  • Dissolves Fat: When used as a cosmetic ingredient, especially for cellulite, it has the ability to dissolve fat below the skin by converting it to fatty acids that can then be removed by the blood circulation and metabolized to energy and carbon dioxide. Topical application only removes subdermal fat and does not remove fat around inner organs.

  • Reduces Cellulite: It is the prime ingredient of slimming and cellulite creams and is formulated with ingredients that increase blood flow to stimulate the removal of the fatty acid from the fatty layer.

  • Contains Antioxidants: While it can't beautifully brighten your face the same way it does your mood, what caffeine does is no mean feat. By using products that contain antioxidants like the ones that are found in caffeine, you can limit the amount that your body produces free radicals, which are what cause fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Helps With Collagen Production: Green coffee bean oil can help aid in collagen and elastin production through the amino acids it contains.

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